Integrate Ext Designer With Java Web Project in Eclipse

- Ported from my old blog

The mysterious Sencha Designer 2.0 announced in last year’s SenchaCon has finally released the Beta version last week (without trial period limitation!) Besides the Sencha Touch support, which has been their focus, what really attracts me is it finally supports ExtJS 4 MVC, and in-line event definition.

For this time, I’m gonna share how I integrated Ext Designer to my Eclipse web project in the 1.2.2 era.

Ext Designer hands-on

This video from Sencha Learning covers all its features in a nutshell.

SenchaCon 2010: Advanced Techniques for Ext Designer from Sencha.

Sorry for the sparse text content. I will give more comments later on.

Code Organization

Project Settings in Designer

Project Structure in Eclipse

In case of accidental tragedies…

The designer.js

The Implementation

Use Chrome’s debugging tool to debug ExtJS 4 dynamic-loaded classes

Originally published at on February 16, 2012.



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